Last night I watched the first episode of the new reality TV show on Bravo, Work of Art. It follows the style of Project Runway which, coming from a fashion family, I thoroughly enjoyed. The 14 artists are very different in style, training. They get 14 hours to create their piece and then one winner and one loser are chosen. I’m pleased with their choice as I must say I am keen to see Mark, the completely untrained one go a little farther and see how he copes with the new challenges. I didn’t completely hate his clown painting and felt that he didn’t deserve to when judged against the other possible losers.

I think anyone interested in art would enjoy this show as long as reality TV doesn’t just turn you off completely. Here in BC, it’s on Saturday night on Bravo at 7 pm I think, repeats on Wed. You can always see episodes online too. It’s quite a challenge to have to create a piece on a certain theme and have it done in 14 hours.

I really liked Abdi’s piece and was amused to hear that the subject of the Proud Pussy portrait was offended and couldn’t figure out why the pussy comment was made. Is she totally thick? She set herself up for that one in the piece she brought to the show in the first place. Doesn’t she think putting a red star on an exposed crotch sets her up for that? Come on, gal, use the little gray cells and not just the little clingy gray dress.

2010/07/03 at 6:36 am
I too enjoyed this show. I think it’s the first one in a while where I’m going to invite people over and make a night of it!

Paula reply- 2010/07/03 at 2:29 pm | In reply to Jana.
Now there’s an idea! Which night are you watching, Sat or Wed? Popped into the Gumboot Cafe today and was surprised not to see your show up yet. When does it hang?
Jana reply- 2010/07/04 at 2:34 pm
I’m watching the Saturday ones. My show hangs on Thursday. (bumped back.)
Paula reply- 2010/07/04 at 3:33 pm | In reply to Jana.
I’m recording it and watching it when I get around to it and try to keep my ears closed so I don’t spoil the suspense, didn’t see last night’s yet. Good luck with your show. I’ll see it in a couple of weeks.
Published on: Jul 1, 2010

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