Polyform clay jewelry

Embossed and gilded Polyform clay jewelry, Paula O'Brien, Pavelka Design buttons, Vancouver, BC, Canada Embossed and gilded Polyform clay jewelry, Paula O'Brien jewelry, Vancouver
Embossed and gilded Polyform clay jewelry

Pavelka Design as a business began in 1994 with handmade jewelry made of pieces of press-molded polyform clay, gilded, with drop beads.

The qualities of polyform clay make them lightweight and practically unbreakable, a far cry from porcelain.

These pieces had an antique look rather like ancient seals. These qualities make it a nice medium for large handmade Pavelka Design buttons, too.

People had a hard time deciding on the finishing point of a project first so I started designing the beginning point of a project instead and Pavelka Design sewing patterns were born in 1994.

Of course, now I wish I had not veered from my painting but we can’t go back and take a different path along our own journey. I learned many things with my pattern company and would not be the person I am today without it.

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