Mural Mosaics, Rhythmic Gymnastics

Acrylics on panel, 16 x 16

Rhythmic gymnastics panel from large sports mural installation.

“Beginning in 2012, M.U.R.I.R.S from Sherbrooke, Quebec and Mural Mosaic from St. Albert, Alberta initiated the idea of designing a collaborative mural combining two unique optical illusion mural processes together while uniting a nation through art. This one of a kind project will involve approximately 200 artists from every province and territory celebrating the history of sport in Canada.

The artists involved will only be guided by the mural theme and will be required to work using acrylic paints on 16 inch x 16 inch di-bond panels. Each panel will require certain colour tones and possibly pre-determined lines and then the artists own individual creativity will be unleashed. Upon completion of the individual tiles, the mural will be assembled forming a larger unified image.”

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