Got into to Winslow just in time to have dinner and a walkabout in the dark and then another good snoop through the next morning before taking off. Very quietly posh with fine boutiques and galleries. Just across from Seattle on Bainbridge Island, this is a very wealthy area and the shops reflect it. These are some artsy birdhouses that were in a silent auction fundraiser, purty cute!

Dennis has been looking for a bicycle for a few months now and finally found one he wanted to adopt here. We’ll tie it up on the roof and hope it makes it home through the waves, will hose it down with freshwater once we get home.

Cruised past the submarine bays in Bremerton and got shooed off by the Police in a small boat with flashing blue and white lights and a big loudhailer telling us to stay at least 300 yards away from the perimeter. Okeydokey. No need to tell us twice, we don’t want to get shot down or anything else.

Silverdale, a tranquil small town on the northern edge of Dyes Inlet, like a big shallow lake. Tied up just before dinner at a great big guest dock with an honor system of payment beside a nice park. A 42 foot cigarette boat is just beside us but it’s engines and props are very encrusted so certainly will not be going FAST with all that submarine culture living down below.

Lots of busy fishing activity with buckets of small fry being snapped up on small fly rods. A small gang of lovely cinnamon colored kids were super excited when a more successful fisherman gave them 3 tiny fish! It just made their day! They were fishing some hot pink colored putty for bait, maybe that’s why they were just not catching any at all. No matter, they had a blast running up and down the dock and miraculously avoiding splinters on what appears to be a very recently power-washed wooden dock.

A lovely veggie pasta dinner, delicious blackberry and apple pie then laughfest and Scrabblefest. Very flat divine night for good sleeping, thankful as the 2 large guests over 6 feet are bunking down on the pull-out settee in main cabin and pretty darned cozy. Pearl is bunked down on a couple of foamies under the steering station and has devised this sophisticated and high tech head protection system.

The early morning light brought an amusing dock walk. The first thing worth photographing was one step off the stern with a stranded starfish drooping down from the big concrete pylons. Funny that I’ve never noticed these stranded starfish before on any other dock but I guess I just wasn’t looking for them. This dock had a bit of a unique construction and so there were many of these big babies stranded with each tide.

On the water’s edge a small group was working with a music video director to create a piece. They kept having to create the props setting, roll the action then cut and move the whole thing further up the beach as the water was coming up quite quickly. I’m sure they got some nice shots and video, it looked good.

Walked up and peeked in the windows of the little Kitsap School of the Arts which had some nice children’s work in the windows.

A nice sunny toot back to Elliot Bay Marina to bid farewell to our passengers and take a gander at some big glossy cruise ships and a major private yacht, Luna. Pretty sweet. Thanks for being great guests, guys! See you next summer for your annual boat trip.
Published on: Oct 13, 2012

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