Progress on the green fake Fendi art coat

The pattern, the fabric and trims.

Playing around with trim and decorative ideas.

My little helper, Suzy on some nifty pink fake fur with nice black tips. I’m not sure that I will use this after all but the little chunk I bought will make a fantastic something or other sometime, no doubt.

I got ahead of myself and sewed up some seams without quickly hand basting them first. Pooop! When I tried it on, I was not happy with the fit so had to unpick seams and lost all the headway I had made. Dang it!! I’ve been sewing for bloody ages and I really should have known better. I have made this pattern up before but in this heavier fur, it was too bulky around the hips and center back with the new cutting I was throwing at this project.

I will get back to this coat but now I am completely taken over by oil painting and getting ready for a show at the Gumboot Cafe for April 2. I’m also just about to do big mail merge invitation to hundreds of figurative artists to solicit images for my new site so the coat will have to wait.
See finished coat
Published on: Mar 15, 2010

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